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Civil liability of taxi-aggregation companies: Between contract and tort law


Technical and information progress undoubtably have an influence on the trade market and the consumer service sector of the modern economy. The sphere of taxi companies is no exception. When a user downloads a taxi-aggregation company’s application and orders a taxi, using its information about a carrier, this causes uncertainty in the qualifcation of the legal relationship between aggregator, carrier, and consumer. This ambiguity becomes critical if non-performance of the contract causes injury or non-pecuniary loss to a passenger. In this case, a concurrence arises between contact and tort qualifcation of the claim against the carrier and/or aggregator. The essay examines approaches to the distribution of liability between the aggregator, the carrier, and other persons who could contribute to causing harm, from the point of view of contract and tort law.

About the Author

A. A. Markelova
Alexeev Private Law Research Centre under the President of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Anna A. Markelova — LLM in Private Law, Researcher

8/2, Ilinka, Moscow, Russia, 109012


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